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 How to handle your fabrics
Hygiene is crucial to keep any virus from spreading. In times like these we should all keep distance to other people, wash our hands and make sure our workspaces are clean. Above all you should always comply to the government guidelines from your local authority.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that the spread of COVID-19 happens most commonly through airborne respiratory droplets (which is why face masks are the first line of defence). Once a virus lands on a surface, its efficacy immediately starts to decline. You cannot be infected by just touching something because the virus needs to reach mucous membranes in the mouth, nose or eyes. It is therefore perfectly safe to touch any fabric surface as long as you wash your hands before you touch your face.
Within 24-48 hours, the majority of viruses have lost all infectious properties, and within a few days, they have dissipated altogether. The infectious portion of this lifespan is shorter again and research shows that porous surfaces with spaces in their construction, such as fabric, trap the virus preventing its transfer during the short window of time for which it is infectious. Fabrics and fully upholstered seating products are therefore unlikely to be major carriers of the COVID-19 virus.
Fabric Care
However, we recommend the same basic principles for care and maintenance continue to apply:
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Vacuum upholstery regularly to remove dust, dirt and crumbs
Attend to stains quickly with a damp cloth
Use branded upholstery shampoo on specific types of staining
Periodically consider specialist deep cleaning services such as dry cleaning
Most fabrics are all bleach cleanable with a 10% bleach chlorine solution (which will kill Coronavirus germs). There are also an increasing number of fabrics that ar anti-microbial to protect against a wide range of bacteria which cause infection - such as MRSA, Salmonella and E.coli - which can cause serious additional ill health that must be avoided by anyone already battling a potentially lethal virus infection.
These fabrics can provide hygiene benefits in wide ranging commercial end-use areas, including healthcare, hospitality, education and contract office.
For further details contact our sales team or refer to the fabric manufacturer websites.
Fabric Usage
There are a wide choice of fabrics available and it is important that you select the right fabric for the application as well as creating the perfect finish to the chairs. Not all fabrics are suitable for soft seating / reception seating. Fabric banding and application pages show all fabrics grouped in the relevant pricing bands together with recommended usage. We cannot guarantee the finish of any chair that is ordered in fabric that is not recommended for that application.
  Hazard ratings
Low - EN1021 Parts 1 & 2 cigarette and match Medium - BS5852 Ignition source 5 / Crib 5
Photographed upholstery
While every effort is made to represent colours accurately, we cannot guarantee the colours you see exactly match the colours of the actual fabric due to printing processes.
Fabric bands
Please contact our sales team for a price if your preferred fabric choice is not listed. Please make sure you check the suitability of a fabric before recommending a product. If two fabrics are used on one item e.g. two-tone, the cost is calculated on higher of the two
fabric bands. All orders for leather are priced on application.
Colour variations
Whilst every effort is made, no guarantees are made against the minor variations in the colour of commercial fabrics. All striped fabric will be upholstered vertically unless advised.
Customers own materials
Fabrics not listed or customer supplied fabrics need to be approved before acceptance of orders. A pattern charge may apply to some fabrics. We reserve the right to reject fabric that we believe to be unsuitable for the product. We are unable to guarantee any product
meeting fire regulations or standards which is supplied by a customer.
Please contact our sales team if you would like any fabric samples sent out to you.

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